PNUE/PAM-PAP: Rapport du premier atelier de formation sur les indicateurs relatifs à la côte et à l’hydrographie, Rabat, Maroc, 26 et 27 octobre 2016


UNEP/MAP/PAP. Guidance document on how to reflect changes in hydrographical conditions in relevant assessment. Priority Actions Programme. Split, 2015.

(Download: SP FINAL Hydro Guidance Doc EO7 17Sep15.pdf / 1.8MB)

Monitoring and Assessment Methodological Guidance on Land Use Change. Candidate common indicator of EO8 Coastal ecosystems and landscapes.

(Download Monitoring_guidance Land use change 30Jul15.pdf / 5.58 MB)

Pilot project in the Adriatic on testing the candidate common indicator “Land use change” in the Mediterranean.

(Download Pilot Adriatic_Final_Sep2015.pdf / 5.58 MB)



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