Harmonising the legal and institutional frameworks with the ICZM Protocol

Ever since the signing of the ICZM Protocol in January 2008, PAP/RAC has been assisting the Mediterranean countries in preparing for its ratification. The first step was to provide a legal interpretation of the Protocol’s articles initiated by the French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) within the “Protogizc” project. The MedPartnership provided for involvement of additional experts into this endeavour. The second step was to assess how the ratification of the Protocol would impact countries’ national legislation. Such detailed analyses have been made on the cases of Croatia and Montenegro for the Article 8 on the coastal setback.  In December 2012, a Regional Workshop was organised by PAP/RAC to assist countries in understanding the legal aspects of the Protocol, but also in building capacities for its ratification and transposition into the national legislation.