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The principal activity of PAP/RAC is Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in the Mediterranean. ICZM is recognised as the way forward for the sustainable development of coastal zones since the UN 1992 Rio Conference and is characterised by a distinctive integrated approach to providing solutions to the complex environmental, social, economic and institutional problems of the coastal zones.

PAP/RAC with support of other MAP Components provides technical assistance, guidelines, and methodologies for the practical delivery of ICZM in the Mediterranean.


Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) provides a framework for demonstration/pilot projects in selected local Mediterranean coastal areas to demonstrate the application of ICZM as a major tool, with a view to implementing specifically the ICZM Protocol. CAMP projects have the goal to develop relevant implementation instruments and procedures for sustainable development in project areas; to identify and apply relevant methodologies and tools; to contribute to capacity building at the local, national and regional levels; and to secure the broad use of the results achieved.


Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD), established in the framework of MAP in 1996, advises on activity programmes and formulates the necessary recommendations for Contracting Parties. PAP/RAC, together with other MAP components, provides necessary support to MCSD.



PAP/RAC’s original mandate was broad in scope and encompassed ten priority actions in six fields of activity that required immediate action. With the further development of MAP, and in light of the challenges of the global environmental context, especially those relating to coastal areas, the focus of PAP/RAC’s operations was subsequently repositioned to respond to the need for the sustainable development of the region’s coastal areas, particularly through Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). 

A significant work is also carried out by PAP as priority actions in the field of landscape management, tourism, climate change, beach management, natural resources (including water resources and soil), coastal erosion, urban development, waste management, EIA and SEA, and more.


PAP/RAC is currently involved in many other projects, for example in GEF MedPartnership, PEGASO and SHAPE. PAP/RAC’s active engagement in a number of projects and initiatives has already been successfully concluded, such as in projects like Destinations, Nostrum-DSS, SMAP III, CoLD, in specific environmental issues (such as karst protection – KEC), PlanCoast, SAP MED - economic instruments, projects in Africa and LIFE.


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