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At their 10th Ordinary Meeting (Tunis, November 1997), the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention decided that an evaluation of the activities of the MAP components, including PAP, should be undertaken. In accordance with this decision, the report entitled In-depth Evaluation of the Regional Activity Centre for the Priority Actions Programme (PAP/RAC) was prepared by a team of experts in 1999.

The Report concludes that "PAP has played an important role in meeting the objectives of the MAP", that "PAP can continue to play a useful role, drawing on its rich technical expertise and the store of goodwill among the Mediterranean coastal states". The mission also concluded that "PAP had fulfilled, and in some instances exceeded the results expected of it".

An additional and more specific evaluation was undertaken by Ms Alexandra Holland and Ms Nesrin Algan in June 2001 which builds upon an earlier evaluation, and was intended to explore, in particular, the cost-effectiveness of PAP/RAC. The scope of this evaluation covers the period since the inception of PAP/RAC in 1980; with particular attention paid to the period 1991-2000. 


Find more about PAP assessments in:
1. Manos, A. G. and Sibanda, B. (1999). In-depth Evaluation of the Regional Activity Centre for Priority Actions Programme (PAP-RAC), Nairobi, UNEP, Evaluation and Oversight Unit (Download Evaluation.pdf / 177 kb)
2. Holland, A. and Algan, N. (2001). External Evaluation of the Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre. (Download External.pdf / 187 kb)


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