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The MED Coastal Management Clearing House

In order to improve information on Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) in the Mediterranean, the Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC), with the financial support of the European Commission, is building a Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House. In this context, the Clearing House represents a place where information on coastal management in the Mediterranean is exchanged. The structure of this web site has been decided based on the results of a virtual opinion poll that was performed in spring 2002 in the coastal management community. The web site was opened in November 2002. Currently, it is under construction.

The MED Coastal Management Clearing House encompasses the following topics:

    • MED Projects Inventory
    • Funding Guide
    • Experts Register
    • Legislation & Institutions
    • Economic Instruments
    • Policies, Strategies & Plans
    • Tool Box
    • Books, research reports & papers
    • Links

Projects Inventory provides information on Mediterranean coastal management projects in the last 10 years and the wide spectra of information related to and needed for a successful ICAM. On this web page, the option to inform about projects is available. In Experts Register, experts are registered with whom PAP/RAC has co-operated in the past. In order to build a wide network of those involved in coastal management, PAP/RAC has offered possibility to be included in this Register. Experts may fill in the form, which can be found on the web site. Economic instruments topic is a link to GEF - PAP/RAC project related to economic instruments. In the framework of this site, a data base on economic instruments applied in 12 Mediterranean countries is in construction. In the topic on Books, reports & papers, PAP/RAC will enable researchers, PhD students and others who would like to present their papers and thesis to coastal management community, to place it on this web site. All other topics provide a theoretical introduction, accompanied by plenty of practical experiences presented by numerous links. Besides information on the above-mentioned topics, MED ICAM Clearing House will provide special web features, as discussion platform, e-mail lists, notice board, on-line calendar of events and help-desk. Discussion platform will be used for different thematic discussions, moderated by well known experts or researchers and PhD students. The first moderated discussion is expected in spring 2003. PAP/RAC hopes to provide information, and strengthen co-operation and networking in the coastal management community by using these tools.


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