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CAMP Slovenia

The Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, at their Extraordinary Meeting (Montpellier, 1-4 July, 1996), approved the decision to carry out à CAMP project for Slovenia. Some basis for this CAMP are provided in the EU Phare project on Coastal Zone Management in Slovenia which was finalised in 1998. The decision to start with the implementation of the CAMP Slovenia was discussed with the MAP Co-ordinator at the meeting in the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) in Ljubljana on May 2001 and a decision to start with the preparation of a feasibility study was adopted at the meeting between MESP and PAP on July 2001. The study should achieve the following objectives:

  • inspect the existing strategic, policy and institutional context encompassing the area where the CAMP activities could be carried out;
  • define the area for CAMP;
  • collect and present the available relevant information on the strategic, policy and institutional context at the national level and at the level of the study area;
  • define the possible activities from the point of view of the national and local interests;
  • asses the international context where CAMP Slovenia could be implemented;
  • assess the possibilities for the implementation of the CAMP; and
  • assess the possibilities for a long-term sustainability of the project.
The old town centre of Piran (Photo: Natasa
Portoroz tourist resort (Photo: Igor Maher)

Mr. Slavko Mezek, PAP Consultant and possible future National CAMP co-ordinator, presented the preliminary results of the feasibility study for CAMP “Slovenia” at the Malta Workshop on CAMP: Improving the Implementation (17-19 January 2002).

Project area

As far as the CAMP area definition, there are three options: the area of 3 coastal municipalities, the area of Coast-Karst statistical region (7 municipalities) and the area of statistical region enlarged by the municipality of Ilirska Bistrica. The statistical region has approx. 100.000 inhabitants, 80.000 on the coast (population density is approx. 200 inhabitants/km2) and only 35 inhabitants/km2 in the Karst. 

The area is economically successful, occupying the second place in Slovenia according to GDP/inhabitant, 70% of gross value added is produced by service activities (trade, transport - the Port of Koper, tourism), 30% by industry, building industry and agriculture (only 4%).The unemployment rate is 10%.

Major problems and issues

The most relevant environmental problems in the area are related to incomplete infrastructure of waste water drainage and treatment, solid waste management, management of protected areas at the local level, drinking water resource management (protection of the main source of drinking water, decision on future drinking water source and construction of infrastructure), land-use planning and development control, marine transport and pollution of coastal waters, lack of appropriate data bases and information systèm.

Project activities

Representatives of the MESP expressed special interest to focus the CAMP Slovenia in the field of integrated river basin management in line with the EU Water Framework directive and spatial structure planning at the regional level. The Regional Development Agency for South Primorska could act as the local management unit of the CAMP project. The agency covers eight municipalities, three of them at the coast, the others from Karst and Brkini. The area of these municipalities corresponds to the Adriatic river basin in Slovenia thus giving an ideal organisational framework also for the integrated coastal area and river basin management.

The organisational structure of the agency assures a broad partnership and involvement of all major stakeholders in the area: the programme board (nearly 50 members), consists of the mayors of all municipalities, representatives of ministries, economic actors, trade unions and NGOs, and thus represents the regional development platform. By appointing the Regional Development Agency for the local management unit of the Slovenia CAMP project a very important goal - the long-term sustainability of the project – could be reached.

Download more from the Final Integrated Report below.



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