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  • 2003-12-01
    Workshop on the adoption of ICAM in Algiers

    On October 20 and 21, 2003, a workshop on the adoption of ICAM methods and tools took place in Algiers. The workshop was organised by a national team in charge of this activity. The participants of the workshop were the representatives of the ministries concerned, inspections of the environment of the wilayas of Algiers , Boumerdes , Tipaza and Blida , higher educational and research institutions, educational centres and associations for the protection of the environment. The workshop was focused on the ICAM activity within the CAMP Algeria , the structure of its actions and the relationship with other activities. The procedure presented was followed by a fruitful debate on the conditions for starting ICAM and its implementation, taking into account the actual situation characterised by the competition in utilisation of natural resources, distortions among the development sectors, inappropriate or insufficient planning tools, inconsistency of legislative and regulatory measures, etc. Taking into account the detailed inventory of harmful interactions between the activities and natural resources, this procedure should recognise the causes, propose the remedial measures and identify the actors who would take these measures.

  • 2003-12-01
    Introduction of a participative approach in CAMP Algeria

    A training session for the young managerial staff of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment (MATE) and inspections of the environment of wilayas comprised in the CAMP Algeria , was organised in the premises of MATE, on November 10, 2003 . The session identified the persons who, with the additional training, could be able of implementing the participative programme of the CAMP. The first opportunity to apply the knowledge gained was provided to these future animators on the occasion of the workshop on the participative programme within the CAMP Algeria . The workshop, which was held in the premises of MATE and lasted for two days (November 11 - 12, 2003), gathered about forty representatives of the ministries concerned, administrations of the wilayas , public educational and research institutions in the domain of the environment, physical planning and coastal protection, and the associations of the civil society dealing with the environment. The work of this workshop was organised in four sessions, each of them composed of 4 to 5 working groups. The final objective of the workshop was to make a plan of actions for the implementation of the participative approach in each of the thematic activities of the CAMP. The PAP/RAC is very proud of the results of this workshop, which has aroused a great interest of all the participants, including the local counsellors who have taken an active part in the work of the groups.

  • 2003-12-01
    First consultation meeting on CAMP Algeria

    As foreseen by the Inception report and Aide- Mémoire relating to CAMP Algeria , a number of consultation meetings will be organised for the duration of the project so as to examine the project's progress and to discuss the work of national teams in charge of the different transversal and thematic activities. The first of these meetings was held in the premises of the National Agency for Physical Planning (ANAT) - Kouba - Algiers , on November 13 and 14, 2003. The meeting was attended by the national project leader, leaders and certain members of the national thematic and transversal teams, the ANAT and CNERU representatives, as well as by the PAP/RAC representatives and consultants. After the presentation of the progress of CAMP activities, and in particular, of the first reports on the state-of-the-art established in the framework of the thematic activities, the participants have revised the working plan and calendar of the project in order to making up for the delays occurred. The participants have also adopted a series of measures which should ensure the regular progress of the project. A particular attention has been given to the dimension of natural risks, which should be reinforced after the earthquake in May 2003.

  • 2003-10-20
    CAMP Algiers on the go again

    After several months of reduced activity due to consequences of the earthquake that struck Algeria in June 2003, the CAMP Algiers is on the go again:

    - currently in course (20-21 October 2003) is a training workshop on the methods and tools of ICAM, implemented by the national team in charge of this activity, intended for various national actors involved in the ICAM process;

    - the first results of the "diagnostic" phase of the thematic activities implemented by PAP/RAC are expected towards the end of October 2003;

    - on 10-12 November 2003, at the ANAT and MATE premises, a workshop on participatory programme of the CAMP will gather some 60 participants representing the central administration of the concerned ministries, administrations and directorates of the wilayas covered by the CAMP, public institutions of study and research in the field of environment, land-use planning and coastal protection, and associations from the civil society of environmental nature operating in the area covered by the CAMP;

    - immediately after that workshop, on 13-14 November 2003, the first harmonisation meeting will be organised by PAP/RAC in order to discuss the progress of the project and to reformulate the workplan for 2004 so as to make up for the delays. Among others, it is envisaged that the PAP experts will prolong their stay in Algiers in order to assist the national team in the finalisation of diagnostic reports, and to provide them with the elements necessary for launching the next phase of the project.

  • 2003-10-20
    CAMP Lebanon enters final stage

    After a successful training course on Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) (Beirut, 8 -10 October 2003) the project has entered its final stage. The course was attended by more than 25 participants mainly from various ministries, institutions and NGOs. Also, two participants from Bahrain were present. The course was highly interactive and showed that this sort of MAP activities were needed and should be promoted also in the future. Among the main topics were the principles of ICAM and the meaning of integration, the various tools and techniques used in ICAM, such as SEA, economic and legal instruments, and the role of public participation. Three working groups dealt with specific CAMP case studies (water resources, tourism development and urban planning) and discussed the use of SEA, economic instruments and participatory approaches.
    By the end of 2003 all individual activities, except for marine conservation areas, are to be finalised. Most of the final reports have already been submitted to PAP/RAC. Some work is still to be done on the draft ICAM Law and National ICAM Strategy. Also, a Final Integrated Report will be drafted. Some other activities are still in course, such as the preparation of a specific CAMP web site and media campaign. The Final Presentation Conference is scheduled for February 2004.

  • 2003-10-20
    PAP/RAC at Medcoast Conference in Ravenna

    At Medcoast Conference, held from 7-11 October in Ravenna, UNEP, MAP and PAP/RAC, in co-operation with Medcoast, organised a workshop on socio-economic issues in ICAM. At the workshop an introduction to economic instruments was given, GEF and PAP/RAC project "Development of Economic Instruments" was presented, as well as one pilot project dealing with tourist eco-charge. At the parallel workshop on education in ICAM, PAP/RAC's on-line training course "MedOpen", currently under development, was presented. Also presented was a new PAP/RAC's product, "Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House", which will provide support to MedOpen. Two members of PAP/RAC staff and 3 PAP/RAC experts participated in the Medcoast conference.


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