• 2006-12-20
    Initiation of CAMP in Montenegro

    In accordance with the decision of the Contracting Parties at their Ordinary Meeting in Portoroz (November 2005) to start preparatory activities for the CAMP project in Montenegro, PAP/RAC organised a meeting at PAP/RAC premises in Split, on December 18-19, 2006. The main objectives of the meeting were: to discuss the issues related to coastal zone management in Montenegro; to get aquainted with the gaps and the need for CAMP; to discuss the next steps in the preparation of the project; and to discuss other common projects of PAP/RAC and Montenegro.

    The participants contributed to the meeting in a very constructive and positive way. One of the main conclusions was that as soon as a consultant for the preparation of the Feasibility Study for CAMP Montenegro is nominated by the Ministry, PAP/RAC will contract the elaboration of the Study. PAP/RAC will provide for the Terms of Reference and some case studies to facilitate the preparation of the report. PAP/RAC will also inform other RACs about the initiation of this CAMP. The Report of the meeting is available here.

  • 2006-12-19
    Scholarships for MSc available

    Call for applications for the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions, approved and financially sponsored by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme, has just been opened.

    This Master Course is organised by a consortium of leading European Universities/Research Institutions in the field, composed by the University of Minho (coordinating institution, Portugal), the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain), the Czech Technical University in Prague (the Czech Republic), the University of Padua (Italy) and the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic). The course is due to start in October 2007 and will combine the most recent advances in research and development with practical applications.

    A significant number of scholarships, ranging from €14.000 to € 21.000, are available to students of all nationalities. All applications received within the application deadline, i.e. not later than January 31, 2007, are also considered as applications to scholarships.

  • 2006-12-19
    SMAP III and indicators meetings in Sophia Antipolis

    The second co-ordination meeting of the SMAP III MAP/METAP project was held in Sophia Antipolis, on December 14-15, 2006. The objective of the meeting was to review the progress of the activities of the main partners, namely, SMAP III TA, SMAP III RMSU, Blue Plan, PAP/RAC, and METAP. Partners also discussed possibilities for a closer collaboration, enhancing synergy and avoiding overlapping with other projects. SMAP RMSU and the SMAP III TA office agreed to assist PAP/RAC in implementing the Coast Day and to spread this initiative to all national SMAP III ICZM projects.

    On December 15, the expert meeting on indicators took place with the aim to select additional indicators for the follow up of the sustainable development in the Mediterranean coastal areas. Representatives from the MAP components (MEDPOL, PAP, SPA and Plan Bleu), UNESCO-IOC, EEA and DEDUCE project presented their experience with the indicators. The priority issues were discussed and selected and additional indicators proposed.

  • 2006-12-13
    First briefing on Destinations project

    The first meeting of representatives of the LIFE Third Countries Programme of the EC with the representatives of PAP/RAC and the Ministry of Spatial Planning and the Environment (MATE) on the ‘Destinations’ project took place in Algiers, on December 4, 2006. The project was approved for financing in 2007-2009. The MATE is the PAP/RAC national partner from Algeria in this project, which will also be implemented in two other Maghreb countries, namely, in Morocco and Tunisia. This meeting was an opportunity for PAP/RAC and MATE to discuss with the EC representatives various practical aspects (technical, financial) of the implementation of this project, which will start in February 2007.

  • 2006-12-12
    Cross-border project on Neretva Delta

    Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and partners of the NERES-Adricosm project organised a Workshop on December 5, 2006 in Metkovic, Croatia. The Workshop discussed research and modelling results on the Neretva River Delta, and priority initiatives for the sustainable development of the Neretva Delta area. Water resources management and ecosystem preservation of Neretva River and its tributaries is a complex transboundary task of two countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. PAP/RAC has been involved in the implementation of GEF PDF-B phase of the project "Neretva-Trebisnjica River Basin Management" since 2005.

  • 2006-12-11
    Growing enthusiasm for the Coast Day

    One of the objectives of the SMAP III ICZM project, implemented by MAP and METAP, is to promote awareness of the value and state of the coasts, and to provide support to the project countries in strengthening and modifying the existing national-level enabling environment, including policy and legislation.

    In order to effectively raise awareness on the importance of the coast, as well as on the ICZM as the optimal policy framework for achieving sustainable development of coastal areas, an Awareness Raising Campaign (ARC), including the Coast Day event, will be organised within the project area. In each of the ten project countries, one NGO has been selected with the main objective to implement the ARC and to organise the Coast Day event. NGOs initiated activities in all of the countries of the project.

    An interesting example is the Palestinian Authority selected NGO: "The General Union of the Non-Governmental Organisations (GUN-GEO)", based in Gaza, which is a network of 13 NGOs in Palestine. Due to their great enthusiasm for raising awareness on the coastal zone management, information on SMAP III project, PAP/RAC and GUN-GEO partnership, as well as information on ICZM have been broadly published in some of the most important national and local media. The information has been launched in the most distributed electronic news web site in Palestine called Palmedia, as well as through WAFA (Palestine News Agency) and in the local Newspaper Al Hayat Al Jadedah.In addition to SMAP III countries, the interest for the Coast Day has been received from other countries. So, it is hoped that the Coast Day initiative will grow beyond this project.

  • 2006-12-06
    198 participants on ArabMedOpen

    The basic MedOpen course in Arabic has proved to be a very successful initiative. Thanks to translation of the basic course developed by PAP/RAC and its partners to Arabic with the assistance of SMAP-RMSU, the second round of the virtual course in Arabic was opened few months ago. The course in the Arabic language is the first e-learning course on ICZM in Arabic.

    CEDARE (Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe) implements this second round of e-learning training course on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, ArabMedOpen, during 2006. The main objective of this e-learning training course is to enhance the capacity of professionals in the Arab Mediterranean countries to manage efficiently their coastal zones. 198 participants form the Arab Mediterranean countries, namely, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia have registered in the course. This number is nearly three times greater than the number of participants in the first run (2005). ArabMedOpen is being financed by the European Commission, in recognition of the importance of coastal areas environments, from an economic and development perspective. The program consists of 11 lectures; for both basic and advanced levels. Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the program after completing the exams and essays required of them. Lectures and related material can be found on the official website of the program.

  • 2006-12-01
    Encora project proposes Coastal Wiki

    The ENCORA 1st Theme Workshop, which took place in Valencia, Spain, November 29 – December 1, 2006, aimed at elaborating a new concept in sharing European knowledge and experience in integrated coastal management: The European Wiki Coastal Directory. The Coastal Directory (or Coastal Wiki) will provide a survey of existing coastal knowledge and experience in Europe, with references to the most relevant sources published in the literature and on the Internet. It is intended for use in daily practice by professionals in coastal science, practice and policy. It will be embedded in WIKIMEDIA software, allowing expert users to update the directory at any time with new knowledge. Coastal Wiki should become a major tool for keeping coastal professionals informed of recent developments and new major knowledge sources in their field.

    PAP/RAC is ENCORA project partner and will provide its expertise in the field. The Director of PAP/RAC participated at the Workshop in Valencia.

  • 2006-11-28
    Third Thematic Conference of Eco-Imagine

    PAP/RAC Director participated at the Eco-Imagine Conference on “The Waterfront Management and GI” that took place in Genoa, Italy, November 14-18, 2006. In the session on International vs. regional context, he presented the topic on Urban Regeneration in the Mediterranean Coastal Cities. The Eco Imagine initiative is a group of eight events on the complementarity between ICZM and Geo Information/GIS as a support tool. It has been developed over 4 years, and this was the third thematic conference in this framework. More about the initiative.

  • 2006-11-27
    Extraordinary Meeting of MAP Focal Points

    In order to consider the conclusions and recommendations of the Report on the External Evaluation of MAP and to make recommendations to the Meeting of the MAP Focal Points, an extraordinary meeting of the MAP Focal Points was convened in Catania (Italy), November 7- 11, 2006. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the future orientation of MAP. In the first part, the general discussion concerning the main principles about the future orientation took place. It was followed by the Vision and strategic statement of MAP, where it was concluded to establish a post-sessional drafting committee that would, in the months to come, prepare a new strategy statement document. A detailed presentation of the Co-ordinator about the proposals for implementing the recommendations of the external evaluation of MAP followed, and concrete proposals were given by the participants on how to improve them. In this framework the specific focus was put on the role of the MCDS. In the concluding part, the meeting identified the main topics of the agenda for the 15th Meeting of the Contracting Parties. The report of the meeting will soon be available here.

  • 2006-11-26
    In memoriam: Adalberto Vallega

    It was a great sorrow to learn that our colleague, Adalberto Vallega, President of the International Geographical Union, passed away Wednesday, November 22, 2006.

    He was a professor of urban and regional geography, but in his work he paid great attention to coastal management and cultural geography. In the context of the University, he was appointed Director of the Institute of Geographical Sciences, Director of the Department of Urban, Regional and Landscape Planning, and Head of Faculty of Education of the University of Genoa, Italy. In the context of the Italian geographical milieu, he was President of the Association of Italian Geographers (1983-1985), a member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Geographical Society (1985-1997), and Chairman of the Italian Committee for the International Geographical Union (IGU).

    In the context of IGU, he founded first the Study Group on Marine Geography, and then the Commission on Marine Geography. He promoted the Oceans 21 - science for sustainable use of ocean and coastal zones, a co-operation programme established by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. In 2004, in the context of the 30th International Geographical Congress, the General Assembly of IGU elected him President for the 2004-2008 term. In the context of international organisations, Adalberto Vallega was the Scientific Co-ordinator of the International Conference on Ocean Management in Global Change. In 1998, he served as Scientific Co-ordinator of the International Conference on Education and Training in Integrated Coastal Area Management. Furthermore, in 1993 he designed and promoted the establishment of the International Centre for Coastal and Ocean Policy Study (ICCOPS), recognised as a non-governmental organisation of the UNEP/MAP and given observer status with regard to the Barcelona Convention.

    Last but not least, Professor Adalberto Vallega was a source of inspiration to many students and young researchers. He influenced many persons to follow him on the path of integrated coastal management and sustainable development. His fascination with the seas, oceans and the coasts was contagious. He left his trace in many of us making us richer in coastal and environmental sensitivity.

  • 2006-11-23
    Euro-Mediterranean Partnership endorsed Horizon 2020

    The MAP’s action to de-pollute the Mediterranean was endorsed by the 3rd Ministerial Conference on the Environment, which took place in Cairo, Egypt, November 20, 2006. At the conference the timetable for the Horizon 2020 initiative was adopted and the role of MAP in this context was clearly stressed. The ministers committed to ensure the provision of appropriate financial resources and technical support to implement the initiative for de-pollution, and to monitor the progress of the activities. As part of the Horizon 2020, from 2008 onwards, the EC and MAP will develop joint communication and information campaigns to publicise the initiative via the MEDday Programme to promote public awareness.

  • 2006-11-22
    MWWD Conference

    International Conference on Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD) 2006 took place in Antalya, Turkey, November 6-10, 2006. PAP/RAC was invited to give a keynote presentation on ICZM in the Mediterranean and in particular on the ICZM Protocol. The presentation was received very well and many participants approached the presenter with particular questions on the topic. The situation in the Mediterranean coastal areas was stressed, trends for the future were presented, and mentioned were some concrete activities related to MSSD, Horizon 2020 initiative, and in particular the milestones and the process of the preparation of the ICZM Protocol. The conference was an opportunity to meet with the representative from the European Investment Bank which is involved in the implementation of Horizon 2020 initiative. Also, some views on MAP and its activities were exchanged with the Under-secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey.

  • 2006-11-15
    BARE for the beaches

    On November 10, 2006, in Trogir (Croatia), PAP/RAC co-organised the first thematic seminar on "Sustainable management of bathing areas in Croatia”, together with Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development “Sunce” and Regional Centre for Assistance and Disaster Relief.

    The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the application of Bathing Area Registration and Evaluation (BARE) technique on the Croatian beaches, as well as to explore the possibility of developing sustainable beach management strategy for Croatia.

    In the framework of sustainable beach management programme, PAP/RAC has presented its activities in the application of the BARE technique on the Mediterranean beaches. Furthermore, development of Beach Management Guidelines has been announced. Guidelines will be developed in the English language, based on recent studies made by PAP/RAC concerning the state of beach management in the Mediterranean, as well as on the findings of on-going innovative research in this field. Beach management guidelines will be presented as an integral component of ICZM reflecting current knowledge on best practice methodology and as an aid to effective management. Various beach types (resort, urban, village, rural and remote) and beach management / rating schemes will also be explained.

  • 2006-11-14
    PAP/RAC a member of LIFE Third Coutries family

    PAP/RAC and the European Commission have signed within the framework of LIFE Third Countries a grant agreement for the implementation of the project entitled DESTINATIONS (Development of sustainable tourism strategies in the Mediterranean countries). Conceived for the selected coastal zones in Algeria (Djebel Chenoua - Cape Djinet), Morocco (the Central Rif) and in Tunisia (Cape Bon), this project will be launched in February 2007 with duration of 34 months. The main objective of the project is to promote a planning and management process for sustainable tourism development in the coastal zones of the southern Mediterranean countries. This objective will be realised through the production of guidelines for tourism investors that would help assess the sustainability of their investments in the coastal areas in terms of environmental risks and added value for the local communities; introduction of decision-making tools for an effective management of tourism destinations; and through raising awareness for sustainable tourism practice of tourism investors, decision-makers and local communities.

  • 2006-10-09
    Second run of Arabic MedOpen

    We have the pleasure to inform you of the upcoming launch of the second run of Arabic MedOpen, a virtual training course on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Arabic language funded by the European Commission.

    The first run of Arabic MedOpen was launched in December 2005 and successfully completed in February 2006 as a joint initiative of the SMAP RMSU, UNEP/MAP PAP/RAC and CEDARE. The initiative aimed at assisting decision makers, policy advisors, project managers and experts from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries in building capacities for coastal management in view of the implementation of the phase III of the SMAP programme. Forty-five participants from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine Authority, Syria, and Tunisia registered for the basic and advance session of the first run of the course.

    On the basis of the encouraging results of the first run the EC will support a second Arab Medopen course, with some improvements in the content, methodology and learning tools.

    SMAP-RMSU welcomes candidates to the second run of the basic and advanced ArabMedOpen courses from the Arabic speaking Mediterranean countries.

    The course is open for experts with different backgrounds. In terms of technical requirements the participants need only to have a pc connected to the Internet.

    In order to apply, please complete the attached registration form and send it by e-mail to email@arabmedopen.org by Saturday 21st of October 2006 clearly indicating your name, country, organisation, e-mail address, the class you want to attend (Basic or Advanced) and the reasons why you are interested in attending ArabMedOpen .

    Arab MedOpen in brief (http://www.arabmedopen.org/)


    ArabMedOpen Basic provides elementary information on coastal management in the Mediterranean, as well as a quiz for self-evaluation. The course is composed of 11 lectures and will last two and a half months (1st of November 2006 - 15th of January 2007). A course outline is provided in annexe in English, Arabic and in French. There is no limit to the number of participants. Participation to simulation game and discussions and production of final essay are not requested.

    ArabMedOpen Advanced requires a higher degree of commitment by the trainee than the basic module. It will also have a duration of two and a half months (1st of November 2006 - 15th of January 2007). The number of participants will be restricted (around 24). The course is composed of 11 main lessons and additional material available for download. Each lesson is followed by a brief exam, enabling the participants to self-evaluate their understanding of the subject. A course outline is provided in annexe in English, Arabic and in French. The Course Scientific Advisor will be Prof. Dr. Mohammed El-Raey, CEDARE ICZM Advisor. Participants will be invited to participate in a simulation game and discussions related to the topics. Further they will propose and prepare final essays. Participants to MedOpen Advanced who will fulfil all the tasks of the course will be awarded a MedOpen Course Certificate.

    Should you have any questions about the initiative, please contact Mr Alessandro Candeloro (tel. +39 06 5007 4775, candeloro@apat.it) at SMAP-RMSU.

  • 2006-10-02
    Horizon 2020 for the Mediterranean

    The European Commission last week proposed a long-term environmental strategy for cleaning up the Mediterranean Sea. This unique ecosystem is deteriorating as environmental pressures increase. The major oil spill that occurred during the recent conflict in Lebanon has dramatically highlighted the vulnerability of the region's environment. A key pillar of the strategy is 'Horizon 2020', an initiative to tackle the top sources of Mediterranean pollution by the year 2020 that was endorsed by leaders of Euro-Mediterranean (Euro-Med) countries at the 10th Anniversary Euro-Med Summit in Barcelona last year. The European Commission is building a coalition of partners to implement the initiative. Further information here.


  • 2006-10-02
    Call for ECO-IMAGINE grants

    Call for candidatures for grants to participate in the ECO-IMAGINE Thematic Conference: "The Waterfront Management and GI" to be held in Genoa, Italy, November 14-18, 2006 is open now. The project ECO-IMAGINE work programme foresees the distribution of 20 grants to early-stage researchers and 10 grants for experienced researchers in order to support their participation in the aforementioned Thematic Conference. The number of grants may be increased according to budget availability. The deadline is: 20th October, 2006. Further information on ECO-IMAGINE website.

  • 2006-09-25
    Post-graduate course on ICZM starts November 6, 2006

    A post-graduate course on ICZM, prepared in the framework of Educom@Med project, will start on November 6, 2006. Information about the course, its syllabus, availability of scholarships and other details can be found here. There are still some free posts available, so candidates are welcome to join this innovative and internet based course. It was prepared as a joint Education in Coastal Management for the Mediterranean project (Educom@Med) of four Mediterranean universities, namely the University of Sevilla, University of Venice, University of Split and the University of Cairo, and with collaboration of PAP/RAC as a partner. The project was funded by EU under the Tempus Joint European Projects.

    The co-ordination meeting was held at the University of Seville on September 20-22. On this occasion, the programme development was reviewed, as well as the modules layout. PAP/RAC presented the programme for the field trip, which will be realised in June 2007 in Slovenia and will be based on the experience of CAMP Slovenia. During the module presentation, ideas for integration were discussed and action points for the partners developing the modules defined. The final meeting of the scientific co-ordination review is scheduled for October 18.

  • 2006-09-19
    Good progress on ICZM Protocol

    The second meeting of the working group of experts designated by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention to draft the final version of the ICZM Protocol was held in Loutraki, Greece, on 6-9 September 2006. The experts, under a very effective chairing of Ms. A. Mourmouris, progressed very well on the articles, mainly of the Part II of the Protocol. Very constructive discussions and exchange of views on various provisions resulted in the changes that were reflected directly in the improved text of the draft. The secretariat, with the assistance of legal experts, provided the meeting with the relevant changes and therefore assisted in smooth run of the meeting. Presented were participants from 14 countries and the EC. Also, many NGOs actively participated in the discussions. The meeting proposed to meet for the third time in February next year. You will be able to find more details about the meeting in the Report to be prepared by the secretariat.

  • 2006-07-19
    PlanCoast launched

    PlanCoast is an abbreviation for the “Spatial Planning in Coastal Zones” project. It is an Interreg III B CADSES project, involving 16 partners from 11 countries of three European regions, namely the Adriatic, the Baltic and the Black Seas. The kick-off meeting took place in Ancona, Italy (13-15 July 2006). The objective of the PlanCoast project is to enhance the sustainable development of the coastal zones of all these regions. It will help strengthen the implementation of ICZM in EU coastal zones by enhancing the role of maritime planning within ICZM.

    The first two days were focused on the PlanCoast project. Presented and discussed were the general objectives, activities and organisational aspects of the project. Three working groups met the second day, namely on Maritime Spatial Planning, ICZM and GIS.
    The third day was organised by the Forum on Adriatic and Ionian Cities and Towns and was entitled Adriatic Forum ICZM Expert Group. Also, individual meetings with the Lead Partner took place in order to specify administrative and co-ordination details.

    PAP/RAC will contribute to PlanCoast with its expertise in studying the completely new field of spatial planning of marine areas, i.e. maritime spatial planning, in the Adriatic Region by analysing the current legal basis, procedures and processes. Furthermore, it will promote the role of spatial planning in ICZM in general and discuss the topic of maritime spatial planning in particular, and contribute to raising the awareness and influencing planning policy and procedures throughout the Mediterranean countries. On the basis of the national reports for all six Adriatic countries, a Synthesis Report on maritime spatial planning and ICZM will be prepared. The results will than be presented at the 3rd PlanCoast meeting in combination with the Mediterranean Conference on Maritime Spatial Planning to take place in Split, Croatia, in May 2007. See more about PlanCoast at www.plancoast.eu

  • 2006-07-07
    Training course on sustainability indicators

    The International Centre for Science and High Technology (ICS-UNIDO), within its Area of Earth, Environmental and Marine Sciences and Technologies, is organizing in collaboration with the Ente Parco Regionale della Maremma, Alberese, Italy, a Training course focusing on "The application of sustainability indicators in coastal areas: a landscape ecology approach to environmental management". The Training Course will be held in Alberese, Italy from 18 to 22 September 2006.

    The organiser will provide financial support for the candidates from developing and emerging countries of the Mediterranean Basin. ICS-UNIDO will make a selection of the most appropriate candidates and will cover the travel, board and lodging expenses of the selected candidates. Deadline for submitting the candidatures is 19 July 2006. More info at http://www.ics.trieste.it/Activities.aspx.

  • 2006-07-07
    PAP/RAC at Coastatlantic conference

    PAP/RAC was invited to participate at the Coastatlantic General Meeting, which was the final one in the framework of the Coastatlantic INTERREG project (Gijon, Spain 27-29 June). The meeting coincided with the General Assembly of the Coastatlantic Arc Commission involving all the countries/regions from Norway to Portugal. PAP/RAC participated at the panel discussion on ICZM with a presentation on ICZM initiatives of MAP and in particular of PAP/RAC.

    The main idea was to present to the Commission members the legal frameworks for the co-operation of the Mediterranean countries, i.e. the Barcelona Convention and its protocols, as a model or a good case to possibly follow in other areas, such as Atlantic Arc. Also, ICZM initiatives, including MSSD, ICZM Strategy (Operational Strategic Action Plan for ICZM), ICZM Protocol, CAMP, and other activities such as ICAM Guidelines, White book on ICZM, Training courses, MedOpen etc. were introduced. The participants appreciated the presentation and the questions raised in the discussion were related directly to the recommendations for the legal frame for collaboration of these countries, which currently operate on a voluntary basis mainly.

  • 2006-07-07
    PAP/RAC at the workshop "Coastal Potection" at Tetouan

    With regard to the co-operation with the French "Conservatoire du littoral" developed within a number of projects implemented throughout the Mediterranean basin, PAP/RAC accepted their invitation to participate in a workshop on the establishment of local "coastal cells" in Morocco. The objective of this workshop, organised at M'diq in the Province of Tetouan on June 21-23, 2006, was to familiarise the local stakeholders with the principles of ICZM, and to discuss with them the structure and responsibilities of the "coastal cell" to be established.

    The contribution of PAP/RAC, focused on CAMP projects in general, and more specifically on the future Moroccan CAMP to cover the are of the central Rif, was met with great interest of the participants who made a number of questions regarding the project activities, achieved results and management structure. The schematic presentation of the latter served as a basis for the discussion on the structure of the future "coastal cell".

  • 2006-06-13
    Co-ordination meeting of the EDUCOM@MED project

    From June 7 -11, the co-ordination meeting of the EDUCOM@MED project was held at the Faculty of Economics, University of Split. Representatives of the University of Sevilla, University of Venice, University of Cairo, University of Split, Faculty of Economics and PAP/RAC participated at the meeting. The objective of this project is to prepare a joint post-graduate degree on ICZM, which is envisaged to become a reality the coming October. At the occasion of this meeting the programme development was reviewed, as well as the modules layout. The participants were introduced to e-learning platform and sessions' development tools. Consortium partners agreed on the timing, assessments and the marketing of the postgraduate course. This meeting provided an important push to achieving the project objectives.

    Co-ordination meeting of the EDUCOM@MED project

  • 2006-06-12
    Adriatic - Mediterranean Area on the Edge of Europe

    International Conference “Adriatic - Mediterranean Area on the Edge of Europe”, organised by “Regione Marche” took place in Ancona, June 7th, 2006. The Marche Regional Authority organised the Conference on the occasion of the joint naval manoeuvres of the Italian, Greek, Albanian, Croatian and Serbia and Montenegro Navies, to foster and deepen the co-operation in the Mediterranean area and in the Eastern Adriatic.

    The Conference was the occasion to bring up and analyse some issues related to the Adriatic area, with the aim to specify the strategies inherent to those geographical and thematic priorities. All this with the objective to create better functional interventions in the scope of the trans-national, cross-border and interregional co-operation. Furthermore, it offered an opportunity for the institutional bodies (European Commission, interested Ministries, Regions and local authorities) to discuss the co-operation perspectives in the countries involved.

    The particular attention was paid at the way of using the European Funds and at the building up of operational networks among the regions and the local authorities from Europe, the Eastern Adriatic and the Mediterranean area towards the new programming period 2007-2013. PAP/RAC presented its experience and prospectives for collaboration in various cross-border and other  international projects related to coastal zone management.

  • 2006-06-08
    Working Group on ICZM Protocol dig into Articles

    Pursuant to the decision of the 14th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, held in Portoroz, Slovenia (November 8 – 11, 2005), the First Meeting of the Working Group of Experts designated by the Contracting Parties was held in Split, Croatia (April, 27- 29, 2006). The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the objectives and the structure, and to review the text of the draft Protocol proposed by the Secretariat. The meeting was attended by experts designated by 17 Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention. Presented were also some of the Regional Activity Centers of MAP, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations were also present represented by observers: the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), the International Centre of Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE), MAREVIVO and the Turkish Marine Research Foundation. You can find more details about the meeting in the Report.

  • 2006-06-05
    ICZM Priorities within GEF discussed

    The Expert meeting to Identify priority actions for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM), within the GEF Strategic Partnership in the Maghreb, Mashrek, Turkey and Adriatic countries was held in the premises of PAP/RAC on April 25-26, 2006. The meeting was attended by 14 participants, including the representatives of beneficiary countries, i.e. Albania, Croatia, Egypt, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, as well as UNEP/MAP, PAP/RAC and invited experts.

    The meeting was part of the PDF B phase of the project, prepared in order to meet the following objectives:
    • to discuss and comment the National Overviews and sub-regional Policy Briefs prepared prior to the meeting;
    • to discuss and recommend the priority actions for ICZM in the region, with the view of the forthcoming ICZM Protocol and reaching an agreement of the specific demonstration areas;
    • to discuss the structure and contents of Policy Briefs and Full Project Brief; and
    • to discuss the next steps.
    The GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystems consists of a Regional Component and an Investment Fund. The main objective of the Regional Component of the Strategic Partnership is to promote and induce policy, legal and institutional reforms aimed at reversing marine and coastal degradation trends and living resources depletion, in accordance with what had been agreed by the countries in the SAP MED and SAP BIO, to be reflected in their NAPs. The GEF Secretariat has approved a PDF B phase of the project in order to develop a Full Size Project.

  • 2006-06-01
    Brainstorming meeting of the SMAP III Project

    During the Brainstorming meeting for the MAP/METAP Project in the framework of SMAP III (Split, April 3-4, 2006)  it became evident that there was a need to enhance co-ordination of the SMAP III activities. Sixteen participants, including the representatives of SMAP III TA, RMSU, METAP, BP and PAP, and a selected group of international consultants attended the meeting. The participants discussed the Project Implementation Manual and provided numerous valuable proposals for the development of the MAP/METAP project. The need to ensure harmonisation and synergy among different SMAP activities, as well as among other ICZM projects and activities within 10 countries of the project has been pointed out as being of the highest importance. Based on an overview of the different activities in the countries, the need for awareness promotion on ICZM has been additionally stressed. The participants exchanged the workplans of their organisations with the aim of optimising capacity building and other information activities. More in the Report.

  • 2006-03-22
    War declared to coastal erosion

    Within its programme of activities, PAP/RAC organised an expert meeting “Towards Mediterranean Regional Strategy on Coastal Erosion: Benefiting from the EUROSION Project“. It was focused on the EUROSION project (www.eurosion.org) implemented by the EU.

    It was a very successful project that resulted in recommendations for combating erosion in the EU countries. In agreement with the EU, it was decided to consider the possibilities of using the EUROSION results in the Mediterranean countries with the objective of defining a strategy of erosion combating in the Mediterranean in the near future.

    Thus, the main objective of this meeting was to identify the parts of the EUROSION project that could be applied in the Mediterranean and to prepare an appropriate programme of activities. The meeting was organised in Nicosia, Cyprus, on March 16 - 17, 2006. It was attended by experts from 11 countries and the EU, as well as a number of observers from Cyprus. A complete list of participants and other details of the meeting will be presented in the meeting report to be completed in due time.

  • 2006-03-21
    SMAP III on the way

    In the framework of SMAP project: "Promoting Awareness and Enabling a Policy Framework for Environment and Development Integration in the Mediterranean with Focus on Integrated Coastal Management" on April, 3-4, 2006, a “Brainstorming meeting to define results and activities of the SMAP project" will be held in Split. Representatives of PAP, BP, METAP, SMAP TA (ERM), RMSU, Info/RAC and a selected group of internationally recognised ICM consultants will participate at the meeting. The objective of the meeting is to discuss the project outputs and the Draft Inception Report/Project Implementation Manual.
    This SMAP III project will last for 3 years, and the partners are PAP/RAC, BP/RAC and METAP of the World Bank.

  • 2006-02-22
    EUROSION for the Mediterranean

    The EU has implemented the EUROSION project (www.eurosion.org). It was a very successful project that resulted in recommendations for combating erosion in the EU countries. In agreement with the EU, it has been decided to consider the possibilities of using the EUROSION results in the Mediterranean countries with the objective of defining a strategy of erosion combating in the Mediterranean in the near future. Therefore, PAP/RAC is organising an expert meeting “Towards Mediterranean Regional Strategy on Coastal Erosion: Benefiting from the EUROSION Project“ in order to identify the parts of the EUROSION project that can be applied in the Mediterranean and to prepare an appropriate programme of activities. The meeting will be organised in Nicosia, Cyprus, on March 16 - 17, 2006. It will be attended by a number of national and international experts in the field.

  • 2006-02-21
    New stage for ICAM Protocol

    At their 14th Meeting, the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and its protocols (Portoroz, November 8-11, 2005) decided to establish a Working Group of legal and technical experts to develop a draft text of the Integrated Coastal Areas Management (ICAM) Protocol with a view to its consideration and possible approval by the 15th Meeting of the Contracting Parties in 2007. It was also decided to convene a diplomatic conference for the adoption of the Protocol to be held immediately following the 15th Meeting of the Contracting Parties.
    The First Meeting of the Working Group of experts designated by the Contracting Parties will be held in Split (Croatia) on April 27-29, 2006. By end of February, the Mediterranean countries were invited to nominate legal/technical experts to represent their respective governments at the meeting. Experts should preferably come from environment, and other sectors such as planning and local authorities. Also, as a preparatory activity for the meeting, MAP and PAP/RAC Focal Points were asked to send to the MAP Secretariat any proposal regarding the Protocol in writing. These will be used, together with the previous documents on this issue, as background material. The Provisional Agenda will be provided in due course, and the draft Protocol is already available on PAP/RAC web site.

  • 2006-02-20
    ''Prior-to-CAMP'' Workshop in Morocco

    Upon request of the Moroccan Ministry of Physical Planning, Water and Environment (MATEE), a workshop was organised in Fes, February 14, 2006. The main objectives were to sensibilise the relevant local actors in the preparation of CAMP in the coastal area of Al Hoceima (Central Rif), to introduce the ICAM approaches, and the benefits of formulation and implementation of CAMP in this area. Participants, 33 in total, were from different institutions of the Tanger-Tétouan and Al Hoceima region, from the central ministry and relevant scientific institutions.
    In addition to the presentation of various methods and tools of ICAM to be used in the framework of CAMP, the workshop was an opportunity to discuss the Feasibility Study for CAMP Morocco. These discussions allowed local actors to express their views and positions with regard to the future CAMP and to define activities to be implemented in this frame. These suggestions and comments will be taken into account when an Agreement for the project will be formulated.

  • 2006-02-07
    CAMP Algeria concluded

    The Final Presentation Conference for CAMP Algeria, held at the hotel Al-Aurassi in Algiers on January 30, 2006, was attended by about 200 participants representing different stakeholders concerned ; namely, ministries, regional and local authorities, governmental institutions, NGOs, MAP and its RACs, and international environmental organisations working in the CAMP area. In his introductory speach, H.E. Mr. Chérif Rahmani, Minister of the Physical Planning and the Environment, spoke about the importance of this project that proposed a strategy for the protection of the Algerian coastal areas and which can be considered as a response to a poor co-ordination among authorities and to the competing interests over the management of the coastal areas. After explaning the major problems of the coastal areas and the proposed solutions, he said that the document would immediately be presented to the Coucil of Ministers, and that for the two other Algerian coastal areas, Annaba and Oran, similar strategies would be prepared.

    The importance of the CAMP Algeria was also underlined by Mr. Paul Mifsud, the MAP Co-ordinator, who congratulated Algeria for all the efforts put in the environmental protection of the Mediterranean in the last years. The introductory speaches were followed by a more detailed presentations of the CAMP results and the discussion on the continuation of the ICAM process in Algeria, namely via the « Commissariat du littoral », recently created. On January 31, a field visit to one part of the CAMP area (Tipaza - hill Chénoua – coves of Kouali) was organised.

  • 2006-01-16
    Final Presentation Conference for CAMP Algeria

    The Minister of Physical Planning and Environment of Algeria agreed to hold the Final Presentation Conference for CAMP Algerian Coasal Area in Alger on January 30-31, 2006. The objective of this conference is to present the results of the thematic and transversal activities of the CAMP to the general public, in particular the proposed solutions for the improvement of the state of the environment in the coastal areas of the three wilayas included in the CAMP, namely Alger, Boumerdes and Tipaza. It is expected that about 100 representatives of concerned ministries, regional and local authorities, institutions, governmental organisations and NGOs will atend the conference, as well as MAP RACs and other international organisations, which implement environmental projects in the CAMP area.

  • 2006-01-15
    Inception Workshop for CAMP Cyprus

    Inception Workshop of the CAMP Cyprus project will be held January 19-20, 2006. The workshop will discuss the methodologies, tools and techniques to be applied within the CAMP Cyprus, the Workplan and Timetable of the CAMP, the Terms of Reference specific to the CAMP's individual activities and the relevant monitoring procedure. The main CAMP activities include Co-ordination and Integration of Project Activities, Methodology of ICAM, Tools of ICAM and Public Participation and Awareness. The CAMP implementation is a joint effort of the Cypriot Government and MAP. PAP/RAC is entrusted with the overall co-ordinating role and ICAM activity, BP/RAC conducts the Systemic and Prospective Sustainability Analysis (Imagine) and Indicators activity, SPA/RAC leads the Introduction of Biodiversity Concerns in ICAM activity, and Info/RAC will implement the Remote Sensing for Coastal Diagnostic Analysis activity.


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