• 2007-12-19
    ENCORA met in Paris

    PAP/RAC participated at the ENCORA project conference that took place in Paris on 5-7 December 2007. The objective of the conference was to discuss drafts of the European Action Plans for each ENCORA thematic field. The Action Plans constitute an authoritative document reflecting the expertise of 1500+ ENCORA members from across Europe. They will generate new incentives to national and European research and they will influence the direction of future EC framework programmes. During the conference, the plans were discussed and proposals given for their finalisation.

    ENCORA project is supported by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme (Global Change and Ecosystems). The ENCORA Project themes address issues of concern for the implementation of ICZM in Europe. The theme networks carry out a survey of existing knowledge and experience in the participating countries on coastal processes, policies and practices, analyse strengthes and weaknesses and propose a European Action Plan to address major deficiencies in science, policies and practices. PAP/RAC has been invited to participate in the works of two thematic groups: Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning (Theme 3), and Capacity Building, Training and Education in ICZM (Theme 10).

  • 2007-12-17
    ICZM Protocol ready for signature!

    The fifth meeting of the Working Group of legal and technical experts designated by the Contracting Parties was held in Loutraki, Greece, on 10 and 11 December 2007. The purpose of the meeting was to continue to review, and to finalize, the draft text of a protocol on ICZM for consideration and approval by the 15th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties and subsequent adoption by the Conference of Plenipotentiaries to be held in Madrid 20-21 January 2008. The meeting reviewed articles still pending on the basis of proposals prepared by the Secretariat pursuant to the mandate entrusted to it by the October 2007 MAP Focal Points meeting, and prepared a draft decision on the draft Protocol for consideration by the Contracting Parties.

    With the good will of all a consensus text was finalized. This concluded a six-year endavours of MAP and in particular of PAP/RAC, i.e. an enormous task that will mark the following decades in the field of coastal zone management in the Mediterranean and on the globe. Report.

  • 2007-11-28
    PAP/RAC initiated Med Alert

    Our experience shows that the results of coastal management practice and research are not always fully exploited by the scientists and practitioners in the field. PAP/RAC has, thus, decided to improve the dissemination of research results so that they are made more usable for policy makers and made helpful in communicating environmental issues to the general public. For that purpose, we have established a newsletter, "Med Alert", with the objective to inform the relevant stakeholders about the current research and practice results in the domain of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) as well as of other "hot" topics in the Mediterranean. "Med Alert" will consist of 3 to 4 article abstracts, which, at request, could be bought from the source specified at the bottom of each article. The newsletter will be sent to addresses contained in the PAP/RAC e-mailing list twice a month. However, the possibility of expanding the list of subscribers will be provided. The next issue is due in the beginning of December. With this initiative, we hope to contribute to raising awareness on ICZM in the Mediterranean.

    To subscribe, please, contact dina.silovic@ppa.t-com.hr.

  • 2007-11-27
    4th PlanCoast Conference

    The 4th PlanCoast Conference "Climate change and growing sea use pressures: solutions offered by Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)" took place in Berlin, November 20-22, 2007. It was divided into three parts:

    i) Internal PlanCoast meeting where the main final project output, i.e. the PlanCoast Handbook, was discussed in details. The general discussion took place first on its structure and was followed by the individual chapters and recommendations. The afternoon session was devoted to WGs discussions and administrative matters related to PlanCoast itself.

    ii) On the second day there was a conference dedicated to climate change and the role of MSP in these processes. In addition to PlanCoast partners, the conference was attended by representatives of other countries and other German institutions.

    iii) The last day a study tour took place to Oder Estuary ICZM project in Rothenklempenow where short lectures were presented and some major topics discussed. In the afternoon a guided tour of Szczecin in Poland, part of the Oder lagoon, was organised.

    PlanCoast is an INTERREG IIIB Cadses project with the aim to develop the tools and capacities for an effective integrated planning in coastal zones and marine areas in the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea regions. PAP/RAC is a project partner. It organised a successful conference on marine spatial planning in Supetar, Croatia in September this year.

    Photo gallery.

  • 2007-11-27

    Under the auspices of IFREMER, on November 20-21, the first EURO-MEDITERRANEAN Conference was organised in Toulon, entitled "Building together responses to challenges posed by the Mediterranean Sea". PAP/RAC took an active role as an important actor in the field of coastal and marine management, particularly through its ICZM-related activities. After the plenary session in which the four main themes of the conference were introduced, the work proceeded in workshops to deal with impacts of human activities on marine environment, natural geological risks, sustainable exploitation of fish resources, and integrated coastal zone management. Lively debates in the workshops allowed for proposing a number of projects to be launched jointly by the two shores, in order to get to know better the Mediterranean basin and its dynamics, and to integrate as much as possible the scientific knowledge on physical planning and land-use management. The conference was crowned by a joint declaration of the participants, and Italy offered to host the second conference next year.

  • 2007-11-26
    PAP/RAC coloured the MedCoast 07

    PAP/RAC attended the Eighth International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment MEDCOAST 2007 that took place from 13 to 17 November in Alexandria, Egypt. PAP/RAC contributed with a couple of presentations, namely on "Landscape management in the Mediterranean", "Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean" and on SMAP III regional project focused on ICZM and, especially, the events related to the "Coast Day" initiative. All of these attracted a lot of attention from the participants in the discussions that followed. Many of them approached PAP/RAC representatives to support these new approaches and to congratulate PAP/RAC for the quality of the material produced in the frame of the Coast Day, including the short video spot presented in English and Arabic. The last day of the conference, a 1-hour documentary made by the Italian chain Rai 3 on the occasion of the "Coast Week" organised in Sardinia attracted the attention of an important number of participants.

    In addition, PAP/RAC was invited to chair one of the conference sessions, and was involved in the panel discussion at the round table "Research Needs for ICM in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea". During the conference many new contacts were established and it can be concluded that PAP/RAC "coloured" all the conference with its active presence.

    On the last day of the conference a technical trip to the Nile Delta was organised. Photo gallery.

  • 2007-11-07
    PAP/RAC excels in Morocco

    Last week, the presence of PAP/RAC in Morocco reached its peak. Three events of the highest importance for the promotion of integrated management and sustainable development of the Moroccan and Mediterranean coastal zones occurred in three Moroccan towns, namely, in Rabat, Tanger and Al Hoceima. In Rabat, on October 29, an Agreement was signed between MAP and the SEEE (The State Secretariat at the Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment in charge of Water and Environment) for launching of the CAMP for the Central Rif. On October 30, representatives of PAP/RAC went to Tanger, where Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa was appointed "Ambassador for the Coast". The audience attending the appointment ceremony was composed of representatives of the Moroccan government, national associations and a number of international institutions. On November 1, a kick-off meeting for the "Destinations" project was held at Al Hoceima. Morocco, together with Algeria and Tunisia, participates in the project.

  • 2007-10-09
    Educom@med on a field module

    In the framework of Educom@med - virtual postgraduate course on ICZM, a field-based module was organised by PAP/RAC in the premises of Marine Biology Station in Piran, from 1-7 October. It was attended by 14 postgraduate students from 8 Mediterranean countries, namely: Albania, Croatia, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Malta, Spain and Syria.

    The aim of the field-based module was to present successful experiences from the recently completed CAMP Slovenia. The students visited several institutions that had participated in the implementation of the CAMP. On this occasion, the students met with the sub-activity team leaders who presented the activities and jointly discussed CAMP-related issues. In addition, the students visited the Ministry of Environment of Slovenia where Mr. Mitja Bricelj, State Secretary, presented the Slovenian coastal policy and management, as well as the related endeavours of Slovenia in the Mediterranean and EU. The representatives of the University of Venice organised a one-day trip to the Venice lagoon. The field trip was an excellent opportunity for the students and professors to meet for the first time outside the virtual environment.

    The Educom@med, financed by the EU through TEMPUS project, is currently running for the first time. Educom@med consortium partners are: the University of Split, Croatia; the University Ca'Foscari, Venice, Italy; the University "Pablo de Olavide", Seville, Spain; Cairo University, Egypt; and PAP/RAC, Split, Croatia.

  • 2007-10-08
    TV advert to promote sustainable coastal development

    Through the eyes of a child, the advert takes us on a journey to a coastal future in which we have failed to tackle the worst problems of pollution, development and climate change. But the message is one of hope as we are brought back to a vision of the sustainable coast we want and can achieve. The 60-second advert will be ready for broadcast in English, French, Arabic and Italian, but it will be possible to obtain it in more languages. The filming has been done on the highest quality HD camera while the format is DIgi Beta. The advert ends by announcing "Coast Day" - a key event of the awareness raising campaign on the value and state of the coasts, which is going to be held on October 24th. A preview of the advert can be viewed at:




    The advert is ready for broadcast. For more information, please, contact Ms. D. Povh, PAP/RAC, on +385 21 340478, or at daria.povh@ppa.htnet.hr


  • 2007-09-22
    Algeria: "Destinations", SDAL, "Coast Day" …

    The month of September was marked by a strong presence of PAP/RAC in Algeria. On September 11, "Destinations" project was officially launched during a meeting organised by the national Algerian partner at Sidi Fredj. This LIFE - Third Countries project has arisen a great interest of representatives of the concerned wilayas (Algiers, Boumerdes and Tipasa) and of the highest government officials of the Ministry of Land-use Planning, Environment and Tourism (MATET). At the same time, an international consultant recruited by PAP/RAC moved to Algiers to help MATET to elaborate the Terms of Reference for the Coastal Master Plan (SDAL). It was jointly agreed that the work on this important document would be associated with the activities in the framework of the EU SMAP project, and that SDAL would be the main theme of the Algerian Policy Brief to be prepared in the framework of this project. Finally, a representative of PAP/RAC took the advantage of her stay in Algiers to meet with a number of MATET officials and to discuss with them various activities PAP/RAC is leading in Algeria, such as, among others, the events which will be organised to celebrate Coast Day on October 24.

  • 2007-09-04
    PERSGA delegation in the Adriatic

    An important mission of PAP/RAC is also to share experience and collaborate on common issues with other Regional Seas Programmes of UNEP and other intergovernmental organisations. Currently, a delegation from PERSGA, based in Saudi Arabia, is visiting PAP/RAC and the whole Adriatic region. The participants come from Sudan, accompanied by an expert from Equipe Cousteau, France. Their main interest is coastal zone management and in particular planning in coastal areas with the emphasis on tourism development. These are at present the main issues in the PERSGA region, especially in Sudan where PERSGA is currently developing an ICZM plan for the entire coast of Sudan.

    PAP/RAC has organised the programme for the tour, which started with a visit to PAP/RAC and is taking place between 3 - 10 September 2007 in Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia. The core of the programme is based on the PAP/RAC projects in these countries. The aim is to share the experience from CAMPs, sustainable tourism projects, environmental and ICZM policies in related countries, protected areas, as well as to meet with local experts and institutions on the ground to get the first hand information.

    PERSGA is an intergovernmental organisation for the conservation of the environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, including the following member states: Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Yemen. The organisation is dedicated, among other activities, to coastal zone management, spatial planning and to the issue related to development of tourism.

  • 2007-07-20
    Conference on marine spatial planning

    PAP/RAC is introducing a completely new field of spatial planning in the framework of ICZM, i.e. marine spatial planning (MSP). This is undoubtedly an emerging issue in many countries due to the increasing demands for the use of the marine space such as sea traffic, aquaculture, ports, fishing, energy, transports in general, recreation, nature protection, military, etc. If not adequately planned, this may lead to conflicting situations.

    Being a partner in the PlanCoast project, PAP/RAC is organising a conference with the objectives to promote the role of spatial planning in ICZM in general and discuss the topic of MSP in particular. Also, the aims are to exchange experience and contribute to raising awareness and influencing planning policy and procedures throughout the Mediterranean countries. Please, find more about the programme in the draft Agenda.

    The Conference on Marine Spatial Planning will take place in Supetar - Island of Brac (Split), Croatia, on 20-22 September 2007. Invited to the conference are all the PlanCoast partners from the Baltic, the Black Sea and the Adriatic, as well as all other Mediterranean countries, and a number of experts.

  • 2007-07-18
    PlanCoast on study tour

    The PlanCoast study tour was organised by the Lead Partner - Ministry of Transport, Building and Regional Development Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 3-6 July 2007. It had an objective of sharing the German experience in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and related GIS Data Management. Over 30 PlanCoast partners and associated specialists took part in this event.During the first half of the meeting held in Schwerin, various aspects of MSP in the 12sm zone in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were presented, such as Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA), the impact of nature protection and offshore windparks, the application of GIS and newest techniques for data generation in marine areas. On 5th of July a guided study trip was organised around the Wismar Bay, giving a unique opportunity to view the spatial implications of the some project developments.The last day of the Study Tour we moved to Hamburg headquarters of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). BSH specialists gave an insight in their work as well as the development and general principles of Spatial Planning in the German EEZ.
    Apart from that, internal PlanCoast meetings took place during this study tour. You are invited to see the Photo gallery.

  • 2007-07-17
    Beach management guidelines round the corner

    Regional Workshop on Beach Management Guidelines for the Mediterranean was held in the premises of the Foundation for International Studies in Valletta, Malta, on July 2-3, 2007. It was attended by representatives of 8 Mediterranean countries, the Beachmed project, the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics (ICoD) and PAP/RAC, as well as a number of observers from Italy and Malta. The participants were welcomed by Ms. Pauline Dingli of the Malta Tourism Authority, on behalf of the Minister for Tourism and Culture, the Hon. Francis Zammit Dimech. In the two days of the workshop, the draft text of the Guidelines was discussed in detail and a number of suggestions were made to improve it. The authors will take those comments in consideration when preparing the final text of the Guidelines to be published by the end of the year.

  • 2007-07-09
    Mr. Chérif Rahmani - Ambassador for the Coast

    Mr. Chérif Rahmani, the Algerian Minister of Land-use Planning, Environment and Tourism, accepted to be the "Ambassador for the Coast" in a MAP initiative to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable coastal zone management. By accepting this nomination, Minister Rahmani will help PAP/RAC to promote this aim given his efforts in the field of integrated coastal zone management, such as promulgation of the Algerian coastal law, creation of the national coastal commission, launching of the coastal cadastre, formulation of regional programmes for coastal valorisation and protection, delimitation, etc. Sharing his rich experience with other countries in the Mediterranean region, he will only encourage them to follow the Algerian example in the domain of ICZM.

  • 2007-06-29
    CAMP Slovenia completed

    The Final Presentation Conference for the CAMP Slovenia project was held in Portoroz, on June 20-21, 2007. The conference was the concluding event of this very successful project that was in its full implementation stage during the last three years. The meeting brought together representatives of eight municipalities involved in the project, representatives of the Ministry of Environment, various institutions, NGOs, members of the Steering Committee and the Project Committee, as well as PAP/RAC and BP/RAC representatives. All the project activities were briefly introduced, and discussion that followed will contribute to the preparation of the Final Report.

    The proposed follow-up activities are expected to enter their implementation, and the preparatory activities to propose projects for financing from various sources will be the main CAMP activities in the post-CAMP period. The Final Integrated Report will be edited and prepared for publishing as the MAP Technical Report Series. The results and outputs of this CAMP will be disseminated and lessons learned exchanged with other up-coming CAMP projects.

    Among many positive aspects of this CAMP, the following three could be used as lessons for the future CAMPs. First, most of the CAMP activities, and in particular those related to regional spatial development, were prepared in parallel and in close co-ordination with the preparation of the regional development programme 2007-2013. Therefore, the harmonisation took place at various levels and the organisational structure used for the preparation of both plans was the same. Second, the organisational structure to include the Steering and the Project Committees has proved to be a successful one, although established temporarily for this project only. It is proposed to formalise it to become a permanent body at the regional level. And third, during the project implementation, many other activities related to the topics dealt with in the CAMP emerged, such as PlanCoast or PolyDev projects. See more: CAMP Slovenia

  • 2007-06-28
    ICZM Protocol close to signature

    From June 13-16, 2007, Split was for the second time the host city for the Fourth Meeting of the Working Group (WG) to prepare the final draft of the ICZM Protocol. The WG very thoroughly discussed the still open articles and reviewed the whole text once again so as to have the final draft. The meeting was very successful and all the members of the WG, the Secretariat and PAP/RAC in particular expressed great satisfaction with the work done. Namely, the WG, with the exception of a few articles to which some countries still have some reservations, has accomplished the task entrusted by the Contracting Parties at their Ordinary Meeting in Portoroz, in November 2005. In the month to come, the Secretariat will meet with the countries in question so as to solve the open issues and present to the MAP Focal Points and to the Contracting Parties meetings the final draft. There is a great chance to adopt the ICZM Protocol and sign it in December this year at the Diplomatic conference.

    This will on the one side complete a very demanding process of consultations and drafting of the Protocol that we all hope will contribute to sustainable development of the Mediterranean coastal areas. On the other side, the signed Protocol will open a new page in the formal process of its ratification and preparatory activities for PAP/RAC as a responsible RAC to assist countries in the implementation of the Protocol's clauses.

  • 2007-06-28
    PAP/RAC Focal Points met in Palermo

    The National Focal Points of PAP/RAC met with the BP and Info RACs Focal Points in Palermo, on June 5-7, 2007. The meeting was an opportunity to put the three RACs' activities in the 2006-2007 biennium under a detailed review and discussion, as well as to comment on the proposed activities for the biennium to come. The PAP/RAC part of the meeting has turned very positive with regard to the documents presented. Also, some good proposals on how to fine tune the work programme for the next biennium were proposed.

    The presentations on some strategic issues that will definitely mark the future Centre's endeavours in dealing with coastal zone management were welcome. A good debate developed around the topics, such as the risk management and climate change effects, and on how to tailor the future CAMPs.

    The Report will be available soon. Some conclusions of the meeting and the photo gallery are available here in the meantime.

  • 2007-06-26
    Beach management guidelines soon

    For some time now, PAP/RAC has been involved in activities dealing with beach management. The need was felt for appropriate guidelines to assist the relevant national authorities in implementing this sensitive task. Therefore, PAP/RAC has organised the preparation of the Beach Management Guidelines, and the document is now in the final phase of preparation. In order to discuss the text before its finalisation, a workshop is being organised to be attended by national experts in the beach management field from the Mediterranean coastal states. The Workshop will be held in Malta on July 2-3, 2007, at the premises of the Foundation for International Studies in Valletta. Participation of 16 participants from 10 countries is expected, along with a number of observers.

    Prior to this workshop, PAP/RAC is participating to the Beachmed-e conference to be held in Barcelona from 28-30 June. PAP/RAC was invited to assist project partners in integrating results and ensuring the liaison with MAP and with other Mediterranean countries in this field. Through participating to this project, PAP/RAC is actually connecting the Beachmed-e prevalently engineering approach to beach management with the social one. Namely, the above mentioned beach management guidelines are dealing mostly with landscape and social issues. Through connecting these two important projects, PAP/RAC is building an integrated framework for the beach management and developing beach management as an important aspect of the ICZM.

  • 2007-06-25
    PAP/RAC has turned 30

    On June 14, on the occasion of the Fourth Meeting of the Working Group on ICZM Protocol held in Split, a little celebration was organised to mark 30 years that have passed since the historical decision to establish PAP/RAC. The PAP/RAC staff had the honour to host a number of renowned experts in the field of ICZM from all of the Mediterranean, representatives of MAP Co-ordinating Unit, as well as representatives of local and national authorities. Also present were many former PAP/RAC employees and experts with whom PAP/RAC has collaborated throughout the years. Photo gallery.

  • 2007-06-24
    Draft manual on sustainable tourism

    Given its long experience in ICZM and in tourism-related activities PAP/RAC was approached by the UNEP/DTIE office in Paris regarding the preparation of a Manual for inclusion of sustainable tourism planning in the ICZM process. A first draft of this Manual was prepared by a group of authors appointed by PAP/RAC and submitted to UNEP/DTIE for examination by the end of May 2007. On 11-12 June 2007 PAP/RAC organised, in its premises in Split, an expert meeting to discuss and revise this first draft and decide upon a pilot application of the Manual in a suitable area. The meeting was attended by PAP/RAC officers and consultants who are the authors of the Manual, a representative of UNEP/DTIE as well as representatives of the UNDP/GEF project "Coast" and the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development.

  • 2007-05-24
    Appointing Mr. R. Soru Ambassador for the Coast

    Representatives of PAP/RAC of UNEP/MAP will be visiting Cagliari, Sardinia, to appoint Mr. Soru, President of Sardinia Region, Ambassador for the Coast. With the recent initiatives in the domain of coastal management, Sardinia Region provided a good example to follow also in other parts of the Mediterranean. In addition, Sardinia Region is the first European region that decided to join the celebration of the Coast Day. PAP/RAC hopes that this initiative, launched in the framework of the SMAP III project funded by EU, will also spread into other coastal countries and live on in the years to come. Rising awareness of the value of the coast, as the key objective of the Coast Day, is a critical step for the creation and enhancement of the political will, which is expected to yield necessary changes towards sustainable coastal development.

  • 2007-05-22
    PAP/RAC under microscope by its Focal Points

    A Meeting of the National Focal Points of PAP/RAC will be held in Palermo, 5-7 June 2007. This is going to be an opportunity to put PAP/RAC activities in the 2006-2007 biennium under a detailed review and discussion, as well as to comment on the proposed activities for the biennium to come, and to suggest additions and/or amandements to the proposed work programme.

    On the Agenda there will also be some strategic issues that will definitely mark the future Centre's endavours in dealing with coastal zone management. These include the constantly rising pressures towards the coastal areas (tourism, urbanisation) on the one, and the global changes, such as the climate change and increasing environmental risks, on the other hand. How shall PAP/RAC together with the Mediterranean countries respond to these challenges in a long run? How to define and prioritise the activities oriented at better management of coastal areas? Do the MSSD, the new ICZM Protocol and the Operational Strategic Action Plan for ICZM provide sufficient guidance? Specific importance in responding to global changes is linked to the role of the local actors where the proactive initiatives are mostly needed. The question is how we should tailor those projects in order to best respond to the country needs, how we should improve their effectiveness and value added, as well as make the follow-up. What could be the new generation of CAMP projects and how to take into account the common issues of transboundary or sub-regional nature? How to implement new approaches, such as the ecosystem approach?

    All these questions will be on the table, and PAP/RAC hopes that the participants will contribute with their visionary eyes with suggestions on how to better cope with these challenges. The final Work Programme and Recommendations for the biennium 2008-2009 will be prepared after the meeting and will be proposed to MAP Focal Points at their Meeting in Spain, in October 2007. Annotated Agenda + Progress Report 2006-2007

  • 2007-05-21
    Pressures of nautical tourism on coastal areas

    A meeting held at the "Park" hotel in Rovinj, Croatia, on May 19 - 20, 2007, was attended by about fifty participants, mainly mayors of Mediterranean cities disposing of nautical tourism marinas. The mayors coming from Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain are members of AEMA association. Rovinj is the only city in Croatia, which is the AEMA member since 2002. With that regard, Mr. I. Jakovcic, representative of the Adriatic Euro-region, promised that efforts would be made to include in AEMA all the cities of the newly established Euro-region.

    The topic of the meeting was Environment, Tourism and Coastal Areas Management, and possible collaboration on INTERREG III programme funds. Mr. I. Trumbiæ, PAP/RAC Director, gave a presentation on the protection of the Mediterranean coastal belt, pointing out the pressures caused by economic sectors, in particular tourism, and population movement towards the sea. One of the priority tasks for Croatia is implementation of the Regulation on coastal belt protection, in particular protection from over building. The meeting also discussed issues related to marinas use and management, organisation of events related to the sea, tourism, which would be based on local resources, and alike.

  • 2007-05-18
    Montenegro steps towards the ICZM Protocol

    On the initiative of the Montenegrin Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection, a Workshop on ICZM - "Perspectives of the implementation of the future ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean in Montenegro" took place in Becici, on May 16, 2007. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss two articles of the Protocol, the one (Article 3) related to the definition of the coastal zone and the other (Article 7) related to the definition of the setback zone. Present were the minister, H.E. Mr. P. Nenezic, relevant stakeholders from the various ministries and institutions, representatives of the local authorities and PAP/RAC. Montenegrin representatives introduced the activities related to ICZM, such as the national strategy on ICZM, projects that are implemented in the MAP framework, the new spatial plan for the country and in particular the part related to coastal zone and alike. PAP/RAC's role at the meeting was crucial. Introduced were the draft ICZM Protocol and the process of its elaboration, with particular stress on the parts related to the definition of the coastal zone and the setback zone where building is proposed to be forbidden.

    Also, two international experts were provided, namely, Ms. A. Mrak Taritas from the Croatian Ministry of Environment, and Mr. G. Bresler, from Israel. Ms. Mrak presented the Regulation recently adopted in order to better control and manage the coastal zone. Her presentation rouse a lot of attention of all the participants as she showed in a very concrete way how Croatia responds to the building pressures in coastal areas. This, in turn, is directly related to the implementation of the Article 7 of the draft Protocol, and could be a good example for other countries where solutions for these issues are still to be found. The other consultant, Mr. Bresler, presented the Israeli respond to this issue, which is, due to the geomorfological and other reasons, different but still the message was very relevant. The discussion that followed was very fruitful, oriented to finding concrete solutions. This will be reflected in the recommendations that will be presented to the minister who in the introductory speech expressed a lot of expectations from the workshop, and showed a high level of political will for the solutions needed to the problems that Montenegro is faced with in coastal areas.

    Prior to the Workshop, PAP/RAC Director met with the minister and discussed some relevant topics related to MAP and PAP/RAC, such as the implementation of the MSSD, the ICZM Protocol, projects envisaged to be implemented in the country (CAMP, LME) and alike. All these events made part of the activities in the framework of the Eco Fair that was opened in the morning that day.

  • 2007-05-17
    SMAP III Workshop in Morocco

    In the framework of SMAP III "ICZM for the Mediterranean", a workshop to present the project and a "Policy Brief" prepared for this country, was held in the premises of the National Institute for Land-use and Town Planning (INAU), in Rabat, on May 8, 2007. The workshop, which has been organised jointly by the Institute for Risks Monitoring and Prevention of the Ministry of Land-use Planning, Water and Environment, and PAP/RAC, brought together representatives of various national institutions dealing with ICZM, the delegation of the European Union, as a project sponsor, and PAP/RAC. During a vivid discussion, the participants exchanged their views on this important topic, which is aimed to ensure a better future for the Mediterranean coastal areas and future generations to inhabit them. In addition to the presentation of the "Policy Brief" for Morocco, the vision of the entire project and the "Coast Day" initiative led by the NGO "FUED" from Nador, as the other national partner in the project, this workshop was a good occasion to announce the two ICZM projects, which will be launched this year in the Mediterranean part of Morocco, namely, the "Destinations" project of LIFE - Third countries, and CAMP for the Central Reef of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP).

  • 2007-05-17
    Launch of "Destinations" project in Tunisia

    Tunisia was the first of the three participating countries to officially launch the "Destinations" project, which has been co-financed by LIFE - Third countries programme of the European Commission. The project was launched during a workshop organised by the national partner - Agency for Coastal Protection and Management (APAL), in Tunis, on May 10, 2007. The workshop was opened my Mr. Nadhir Hamada, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development in Tunisia, who stressed the importance of this project for enrichment of a sustainable tourism culture, as the only guarantee for the durability of the tourism activity. The workshop brought together 70 participants representing national institutions active both in the domain of environment and tourism, the local authorities of Nabeul Governorate and its municipalities, NGOs as partners in the project, several projects in Tunisia, which have been financed by EU and other international sponsors, universities, media, etc. The next day was reserved for the project working group, which gathered, as suggested by the minister, in the premises of APAL, at the shore of the Korba lagoon, at the Cap Bon peninsula.

  • 2007-05-08
    Kick-off for Conscience project

    Zandvoort, the Netherlands, was the venue of the Kick-off meeting for the Conscience project on March 28-29, 2007. PAP/RAC participated at the meeting as project partner. The project is financed under the EU 6th Framework Programme and is being implemented by Delft Hydraulics, the Netherlands, as the lead partner. Its strategic objective is to develop and test concepts, guidelines and tools for the sustainable management of erosion along the European coastline, based on the best available scientific knowledge and on existing practical experience. The main PAP/RAC's activity within the project is to co-ordinate the End User Advisory Group to guarantee optimal communication between the scientists working in the project and the end users. More info: Conscience.

  • 2007-05-03
    First workshop to present ICZM Policy Brief in Morocco

    The First workshop to present ICZM Policy Brief for Morocco, prepared within the SMAP III ICZM project, will be held in Rabat, Morocco, on May 8th. PAP/RAC experts, together with the high-level representatives of the Moroccan Ministry of Environment will present ICZM policy recommendation to the top-level decision makers of the several ministries, national governmental agencies, institutes and commissions. The EU representative for Morocco, as well as the SMAP III TA representative, will also attend the meeting. In addition to SMAP III IZCM project for the Mediterranean, the other two SMAP III projects for Morocco will be presented. PAP/RAC will also present two projects, currently going on in Morocco, namely, the CAMP for Morocco and Destinations (LIFE Third countries project). Finally, FUED, a partner NGO for the implementation of the Coast Day, will present their plans for this key event of the Awareness Raising Campaign.

  • 2007-04-19
    Final and crucial meeting of the WG on ICZM Protocol

    The Working Group on ICZM Protocol will gather for the fourth time, this time in Split on June 13-16, 2007. The experts will have a crucial task this time, as the sincere intention of the meeting is to finalise the draft text of the Protocol. This means that they should finalise the text with as less ‘open wordings' as possible. They are expected to continue their work on reviewing and drafting the final version of the Protocol. In particular, the WG should discuss and try to find consensus on the still open articles. Only in this way the adoption of the Protocol envisaged for the end of this year would have enough chances to be adopted by the Mediterranean countries and the EU. However, this is also one of the main commitments of the CPs from the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), adopted in Portoroz, Slovenia in November, 2005, and the adoption of the Protocol would be a very concrete achievement of the MSSD.

    This year PAP/RAC is celebrating its 30 years of existence in the MAP family. On the occasion of the Split meeting a side event will be organised to celebrate this jubilee. And in this context, the adoption of the ICZM Protocol later this year would mean a particular ‘gift' to PAP/RAC for its endeavours to better manage the coastal zones of the region.

  • 2007-04-05
    Ambitious steps of the Adriatic Sea Partnership

    The First meeting of the Adriatic Sea Partnership (ASP) took place in Sarajevo, on April 3, 2007. Representatives of the five Adriatic countries of the Partnership, as well as representatives of other partners, such as REC, IUCN, Adricosm, and PAP/RAC, attended the meeting. The meeting discussed fundamental topics of the Partnership, including the formal/legal status of the partnership, the institutional structure and functioning of the ASP, the different roles of the countries and other partners, the main objectives and projects to be implemented in this framework and alike. Also, the representation of the ASP and its contribution to the Environment for Europe conference to take place in Belgrade, was on the agenda. In this way, the new Partnership, launched at the conference in Portoroz, in June 5-6, 2006, makes ambitious steps towards a better management of the Adriatic Sea Region. More information about ASP.

  • 2007-04-04
    Mr. Soru - The Ambassador for the Coast

    Mr. Renato Soru, President of Sardinia region, joined PAP/RAC in the Awareness Raising Campaign organised in the framework of the Coast Day. Through the appointment of Mr. Soru the Ambassador for the Coast, PAP/RAC wants to support Sardinia's recent initiatives in the field of coastal zone planning and management, in particular the ‘Piano Paesaggistico Regionale', the "Conservatoria delle Coste" and the "Piano Regionale di Sviluppo Turistico Sostenibile". Sardinia Region decided to participate in the Coast Day campaign through raising awareness of coastal protection and management of the local stakeholders and in particular of the primary and secondary schools pupils. Read more on Sardinia experience on PAP/RAC web site on Coast Day soon...

  • 2007-04-03
    Prof. Matvejevic - The Ambassador for the Coast

    Prof. Predrag Matvejevic, the author of the famous "Mediterranean Breviary", was the first to accept PAP/RAC's invitation to be the Ambassador for the Coast in a major initiative of MAP to secure the sustainable development of the Mediterranean coast. In his role of the Ambassador for the Coast, prof. Matvejevic will help PAP/RAC to promote this goal. In the "Mediterranean Breviary", a book of lyric essays translated into 20 languages, prof. Matvejevic reveals to the reader the magical Mediterranean - the Mediterranean we want to preserve. The excerpts from the "Mediterranean Breviary" will be available at PAP/RAC web site on Coast Day soon...

  • 2007-03-23
    LIFE-Third Countries projects kick-off meeting

    Representatives of PAP/RAC, as a beneficiary of the "Destinations" project, attended the kick-off meeting on LIFE-Third Countries projects approved in 2006. The meeting was held in Brussels, on 19-20 March, 2007. The meeting, which was organised by LIFE unit of the European Commission, was an excellent opportunity for exchanging information on the projects approved in 2006 and for establishing the first contact with the relevant project managers. Information and detailed instructions have, among others, been provided by LIFE representatives concerning technical and financial aspects of projects management.

  • 2007-03-20
    The Ambassadors for the Coast

    In the framework of the Coast Day, i.e. the Awareness Raising Campaign within the MAP/METAP SMAP III project, PAP has decided to appoint distinguished persons to be the Ambassadors for the Coast. Three persons, who we believe are uniquely and eminently qualified to invite policy makers of all the countries to collaborate on raising awareness of the value of the coast, have been invited to be the Ambassadors for the Coast. Their role would include participating at the central celebration of the Coast Day in September 2007, and supporting our efforts in raising awareness of the value of the coast and its sustainable development through interviews, messages and alike, which will be presented at the PAP web site. The names will be revealed soon...

  • 2007-02-23
    Coast Day web site launched

    We are pleased to inform you that the Coast Day web site has been launched. This is the new web site that promotes the value of the coast and necessity of using an integrated approach in managing the coastal area. It has been developed by PAP/RAC within the MAP/METAP SMAP III project.

    Coast Day is a unique event in the Mediterranean. It aims to raise awareness of policy makers and the public on the coastal values. It is a day dedicated to the protection of natural coastal environment and its interaction with human culture and socio-economic activities. The launch of the Coast Day is planned for September 2007, within the Mediterranean countries. Afterwards, the intention is that the Coast Day will spread to other countries and live on in the years to come.

    Visit www.coastday.org and join us in the Coast Day Campaign!

  • 2007-02-21
    Mid-Term Review Meeting on CAMP Cyprus

    On February 16, 2007 a mid-term review meeting on CAMP Cyprus has been co-organised by the Cypriot Ministry for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, and PAP/RAC. The CAMP activities' Team Leaders, the CAMP Task Manager and National Specialists participated in the meeting as well. Detailed information on the CAMP work programme accomplished so far was exchanged, an agreement was made with Team Leaders and National Specialists on the expected final achievements of the CAMP, and the follow-up actions until the termination of the CAMP were discussed.

    Major pressures on the Cypriot coast were first elaborated, with aggressive actions of land developers being considered the most prominent one. The participants agreed that ICZM might be a powerful framework for solving these issues. Overarching CAMP activity - ICZM - was mostly finalised at the time of the meeting. It was noted that one of the major CAMP objectives has already been achieved: lively co-operation between Cypriot ministries and ministerial departments since the inception of the CAMP was maintained and should be continued.

    The next stage of the CAMP will seek for systematic inclusion of some ICZM tools - SEA, CCA for tourism, Environmental Economics - into the national policy framework and decision-making process. This is expected to be a rather simple task for SEA activity because of the obligation of the host country to implement the EU Directive on SEA. However, Cypriot experience with CCA for tourism as a potential ICZM tool is quite different - although several CCA studies have been prepared in 1990s, the Government did not make further use of CCA in the national decision-making process. The CAMP offers a renewed opportunity in this sense. The final meeting conclusion was that despite a certain delay in implementation (caused by a prolonged process of selecting National Specialists) CAMP is well under way, and is expected to contribute to a change in the national policies towards the coast and environment.

  • 2007-02-19
    Guidelines on DSS for water resources

    In the framework of the NOSTRUM-Dss (Decision Support System), a project related to water resources management, the Science and Policy Workshop took place in Bari, Italy, on 15-16 February. PAP/RAC participated as a partner institution in the project. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the draft Guidelines for DSS design and implementation, as one of the main outputs of the project. PAP/RAC invited also a stakeholder from Croatia, namely, the main organisation dealing with water resources management in the country, i.e. the Croatian Waters, whose representative attended this meeting as the reflection of the users of these Guidelines was crucial. In the discussion, proposals for the improvement of the document were given, as well as proposals for the follow-up activities. The Final Disseminantion Conference of the project will take place in September, in Cyprus.

  • 2007-02-18
    ICZM Protocol close to finalisation

    The Working Group on ICZM Protocol met for the third time in Loutraki, Greece, on 12-15 February. The meeting was attended by the representatives of all Mediterranean countries (except three) and the EU. In a very working and constructive atmosphere, the experts continued the task assigned to them by the Contracting Parties in Portoroz, in 2005, on reviewing and drafting the final version of the Protocol. The participants worked on the third part of the document first and then returned to those still open articles that needed more discussion and time for building consensus on the wording. In this way, the text was completely reviewed once again. In spite of this, there are still some pending, more difficult, articles that will need more efforts for harmonisation between the parties in order to come to a satisfactory agreement for everyone. It is only in this way, when the parties have no reservations or doubts of a specific wording that the draft can be presented at the Contracting Parties Meeting to be held in December this year. Therefore, it was concluded to gather the WG for the fourth time in June.

    We would like to use this opportunity to inform you that INFO/RAC has finalised Issue 8 of the EcoMedia Magazine, devoted to ICZM Protocol, which is now available online at www.ecomediamagazine.org.

  • 2007-02-15
    SMAP III ICZM workshop held in Cairo

    PAP/RAC presented the progress done by the Centre within the SMAP III MAP/METAP project at the 2nd regional ICZM workshop held in Cairo, Egypt, on 10-12 February. Besides focusing on administrative and contractual issues, the objectives of the workshop were to up date on the progress and difficulties faced by all ICZM projects, consolidate regional networking and cross-fertilisation process as well as capacity building. In addition to planned activities, PAP/RAC presented its new initiative within the Awareness Raising Campaign - Coast Day. Eight action plan projects, as well as SMAP III TA and the SMAP RMSU were invited to join this initiative and to synchronise awareness raising activities in order to maximise synergy in promoting the importance of the coastal areas. It was also stressed that sending simple key messages simultaneously from all involved countries could strongly enhance visibility of this important EC investment into ICZM.

  • 2007-02-14
    PAP/RAC invited to participate to the BEACHMED-e project

    PAP/RAC was invited to the BEACHMED-e subproject 3.2. meeting in Genova, Italy (February 8) in order to define PAP/RAC involvement in the project. The BEACHMED-e was approved in April 2005 within the European INTERRREG III C-South Zone Program. Nearly 35 bodies, Research Institutes, Universities and Local Administrations of European Mediterranean countries are participating in this project. PAP/RAC was invited to participate within the subproject 3.2. agreed actions, tools and criteria for the implementation of the Mediterranean ICZM. Financial resources for the participation of the PAP/RAC were offered by the partners within this subproject. PAP/RAC is to assist in integrating results and to ensure the liaison with MAP and with other Mediterranean countries, as well as with important outputs like the Mediterranean ICZM Strategy, the Mediterranean Sustainable Development Strategy, and the ICZM Protocol.

  • 2007-02-10
    Euro-Med Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System

    The 3rd Meeting of the Intergovernmental Co-ordination Group for the North-East Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (NEAMTWS) was organized by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) in Bonn (Germany) on 7-9 February. Delegations from 17 European and North-African coastal countries, as well as 8 international organisations including MAP-PAP/RAC met to define the Euro-Med Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System its objectives and deliverables. An initial detection system is expected to be ready by the end of 2007, with the full system - covering all coasts from the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the North-Eastern Atlantic - available by 2011.

    This system will be based largely on existing national seismic and sea level monitoring activities, which although extensive, need to be integrated to function as an effective regional system. About 45 million people live along the coasts of Europe, and 10 percent of all observed tsunamis in the world occur in the Mediterranean Sea.

    PAP/RAC Director, Mr. Ivica Trumbic, took an active role in the Working Group 4, which was concerned with the advisory, mitigation and public awareness measures, in particular the integration of the vulnerability assessment in the ICZM process. This important issue will also be discussed in the forthcoming meeting in Loutraki on 12-15 February when the text of the Mediterranean ICZM Protocol will be negotiated.

  • 2007-02-01
    Let's dim all the lights on February 1 between 7.55 and 8.00 PM!

    The UN's paramount scientific authority on climate change, IPCC, meets in Paris from January 29 to February 1 to hammer out the first volume of a long-awaited report on the state of global warming today. In order to show concern about global warming, environmentalists initiated the global initiative by calling on citizens to switch off the lights for five minutes on February 1, coinciding with the major meeting.

    The event is scheduled for 7:55 PM to 8:00 PM (1855-1900 GMT).

    By turning off the lights and electrical gadgets that are in a stand-by mode, "citizens, the media and decision-makers will get the message about energy waste and the urgent need for action," the Alliance for the Planet said on Friday.

  • 2007-01-12
    WG on ICZM Protocol will meet for the third time

    Accidentally or not, the Working Group on ICZM Protocol will meet for the third time, again, in Loutraki, Greece, on 12-15 February 2007. The experts are expected to continue their work on reviewing and drafting the final version of the Protocol. On the table there will be the last third of the document and some still open articles from the previous chapters.

    The Working Group of experts for the drafting of the ICZM Protocol was established by the decision of the 14th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties (CPs) to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, held in Portoroz, Slovenia (November, 2005). By November 2007, the WG is expected to present the final text, to be, hopefully, adopted by the CPs in 2007. This is also one of the main commitments of the CPs from the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), also adopted in Portoroz.


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