The Regional MedPartnership Workshop on harmonizing the national legal and institutional framework with the ICZM Protocol will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, at the conference room of the ARCOTEL Allegra Hotel, on 4 - 5 December 2012. The Workshop will last for one day and a half.

The aim of the workshop is capacity building for implementation of the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean.

The structure of the workshop will consist of three major blocks:
  1. Legal analysis of the key provisions of the ICZM Protocol
  2. Analysis of the Croatian legal framework in relation to the provisions of the ICZM Protocol
  3. Encouraging ICZM Protocol implementation through in-country networking

This workshop is intended for the national legal experts who possess an insight into the holistic character of the ICZM Protocol, whether they participated in its creation or are familiar to it by the nature of their competences in their countries.

The presenters at the workshop will be among the leading legal experts in the Mediterranean, as well as the national governmental legal experts and spatial planners with an extensive experience in ICZM.

PAP/RAC will take care of the logistical aspect of the meeting.

The working languages of the workshop will be English, French and Croatian and simultaneous interpretation will be provided.